Hermigervill – “II” (2018)

You will never witness a live electronic performer who looks like they’re having more fun on stage than Hermigervill is obviously having. Sheer keyboard-andbleeping-blooping joy incarnate. In addition to having remixed a veritable Icelandic music Who’s Who (FM Belfast, Quarashi, Retro Stefson, Moses Hightower, Gus-freaking-Gus…), he’s also know as the electro-druid behind a couple of albums by the Ginger Bearded Wonder a.k.a. Berndsen. The man is in demand.

II is Hermigervill’s sixth full length, a tapestry of ones and zeros that ranges from great 1980s Nintendo video games (“Solitaire”) to bizarro IDM-electro-trap (“Vape Aquatic”), and everything and nothing in between. A blend of low and smooth with high and bouncy, II has a dreamy quality like that strange moment when you’re literally falling into sleep, straight into a dream, the instant things shift from being familiar and patterned to something other.

I’ll never pass up a chance to catch Hermigervill play a set, and his new material just reinforces the wisdom of that stance on life. You can listen to some of it HERE, along with some of his older material.

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