Ghostigital – “Division of Culture & Tourism” Limited Edition Vinyl

I originally wrote about Ghostigital’s 2012 release Division of Culture & Tourism back in October 2012 (HERE). I’m still way into that album, probably even more so after catching the guys live twice at Iceland Airwaves last year including being in the front row at the KEX Hostel set. Hell, I liked ‘em so much I even bought one of the limited Ghostigital hats at that gig, though my melon is so huge it doesn’t fit so it became a de facto gift for my wife.

In December the band announced on their Facebook page that they were releasing a special pressing of the album, an edition limited to only 300 copies each of which would have its own unique cover pattern designed and laser cut by Mundi Vondi & The Makery. If you check out the banner photo on FB you can see the various patterns that were designed for this release – different geometric shapes and combinations. Needless to say, I immediately ordered my copy at the end of December and waited (somewhat impatiently) for it to make the long journey here from Iceland. Amazingly this takes about 5-6 weeks… which is standard in my experience based on other things I’ve had sent from there. You’d think with the national airline flying directly to Seattle 4-5 times per week they’d have mail on those flights… but maybe not. That’s not important though. What is important is the record.

Well, today I strolled out to the mailbox and there it was! I’ve got to say, I’m impressed by the minimalist design – the album comes in a plastic outer sleeve that includes the info about the release… but if you take it out of that, there is nothing anywhere on the jacket or even the record itself (the labels are blank white) that identifies the artist(s) or album name. It’s sleek and clean. On the reverse of the jacket each is individually numbered (mine is 62/300) and signed in blue ballpoint by Einar Orn Benediktsson and Curver Thoroddsen. The record itself is heavyweight vinyl, and the inner sleeve is of nice archival quality.

Overall this is a really cool release, and I’m stoked to have my copy… even if the cover got roughed up a little in transit. Gives it some character and the record itself was undamaged, though if I can find a pristine copy in the stores when I’m in Reykjavik this April, I might just pick up another one (and I already have someone in mind to send this copy to if I get another). I think having unique covers is a great idea for a limited release like this, and at $42.50 US (including shipping) it isn’t that much more expensive than a typical new release these days.

Great idea and great execution guys! If you’re out there and reading this, I’d love to see you do this with your back catalog as well.

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