Reptilicus – “Crusher of Bones” (1990)

Every now and again I manage to snag a vintage Icelandic album on eBay for a decent price (♠). Most recently this happened a few weeks back when I was able to pick up a copy of Reptilicus’ second full-length album, 1990s Crusher of Bones. I have a 7″ of theirs that I wrote about previously and I’ve kept my eyes open for their stuff ever since.

On a quasi-related note, I’m always on the lookout for OG Icelandic releases when I’m out and about digging here in the States, though generally with no luck. A few years back I found a copy of Þeyr’s Mjötviður Mær in Salt Lake City and just about passed out from the shock. Ironically I purchased it and re-patriated it back to a friend in Iceland who had been looking for it for a while. But until this weekend, that was it. And then we went down to Portland, Oregon, and there I found copies of Ornamental’s 12″ as well as this Reptilicus release, which was a mild bummer since I’d just picked it up online. Go figure.

As for Crusher of Bones, this is some decent industrial. I’m sure it would have sounded harder had I heard it when it first came out 28 years ago, but that being said it’s held up well. “Pirates of Paradise” is killer, opening like a sort of classical gothic intro to a Conan movie before the vocals take it in a more disturbing direction. Top to bottom this thing is rock solid, well worth the effort if you’re a fan of Skinny Puppy, Nitzer Ebb, or the like.

(♠) Though more frequently I’m either outbid or the record is one I already have… and paid a lot more for when I bought it!

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