Aska – “Út Við Sundin Grá” Cassette (2017)

A friend in Reykjavik picked up a copy of this limited edition cassette for me. When I wrote about Aska’s Andfélagslegar Tilhneigingar earlier this year I mentioned that their Bandcamp page included three new tracks that were listed as tba 2017. Well, those songs became Út Við Sundin Grá, which like its predecessor also received the limited edition cassette treatment of 20 individually numbered copies.

Like prior Aska releases, Út Við Sundin Grá layers morose vocals onto 1980s-style synths, a sort of dystopian retro-futurism that has flow but is at the same time disconcerting, leaving you mildly unsettled. “Líkamar” feels like to most fully realized and integrated track while also being the edgiest – the synths her have a more late 1970s German experimental feel to them making the entire thing very otherworldly.

You can listen to this and other Aska releases on Bandcamp HERE.

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