Hermigervill – “I” (2014)

We first became aware of Hermigervill via his work with the synth-pop maestro Berndsen, only later catching onto his awesome solo work. We’ve seen him live a couple of times and he probably has the best banter with his audience of anyone we’ve seen at Iceland Airwaves over the years – his English is impeccable and he has a quick wit and great sense of humor, always coming across as genuine and spontaneous.

Released in 2014, I is Hermigervill’s most recent solo album. Primarily an instrumental work that could be described as electro-disco, Herigervill does bring in a pair of guest vocalists to mix things up a bit. The R&B “2D” includes Uni Stefson of the late, great party band Retro Stefson, while the incomparable John Grant makes an appearance on “Between Wolf and Dog”. While I love Hermigervill’s electro beats on their own, his true genius is when he composes for vocalists, creating great sonic foundations for those artists to explore.

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