Duran Duran – “Tiger! Tiger!” (1984)

I’m not sure why this 12″ of Duran Duran remixes was only released in Japan. I’m sure it made its way to various US and European stores as an “import”, but given that Duran Duran was seemingly at the top of the pop world in 1984 this collection seems like it could have moved up the charts itself. Maybe remixes hadn’t fully penetrated those other markets, I don’t know.

Tiger! Tiger! came out in 1984, with four of its tracks coming off the previous year’s mega-hit Seven And The Ragged Tiger, with the fifth, “Is There Something I Should Know”, a chart-topping non-album single (#1 in the UK, #4 in the US) in 1983 that later appeared on band’s follow-up album Arena. Duran Duran’s style of New Romanticism was perfectly suited for the remix treatment, and at nearly 30 minutes it’s a dance party reminiscent of some of the Madonna remix collections released around the same time in Japan. If you’re into Duran Duran, or just into 80s pop in general, you’re going to love it.

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