Jasper TX – ” An Index of Failure” (2013)

Jasper TX is the nom-de-electronica of Swede Dag Rosenquist, one active for over a decade from 2005 until his final LP, 2013s An Index of Failure. The album was the end of his run under that name, one he described on his blog by noting, “This collection of quite disparate leftovers was never intended to be sequenced this way or to function as a full-length album”, basically a collection of odds and ends. But these are some pretty impressive also-rans, a strong collection of calming electronic tracks that came to the world in the period between the end of his marriage and the passing of his mother, a horrible cosmic one-two punch bound to stagger the strongest person. Are the experiences of a failing marriage and an ill parent present in the music? It’s impossible for the listener to truly know… though there are some strong emotional undercurrents on An Index of Failure, and I believe that artists’ works are always impacted by what is happening in their lives.

The vinyl version is a well crafted 180 gram gem on silver vinyl, and as near as I can tell it never came out on CD. It is, however, available for streaming and purchase on his Bandcamp page HERE, so give it a listen if you’re interested.

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