Tonik Ensemble – “Snapshots” (2015)

I’m pretty sure that Tonik Ensemble and Tonik are the same performers – Iceland’s Anton Kaldal Ágústsson. If so, then we’ve actually seen him live twice before – once at Airwaves, and once in an early slot in a pretty epic line-up at Faktorý on a non-Airwaves trip, one that featured a then relatively new and upcoming band called Vök, Prins Póló, and FM Belfast.

Snapshot is Tonik Ensemble’s 2015 full-length LP release, a chill deep house dreamer, though one that features vocals on most of the tracks from an assortment of guests. I’m not sure exactly what I can tell you about this record, because this groovy style of electronic music seems to repel words like freshly stained wood repels water – you just beat up against it over and over again with your words and come away with something that more resembles a pile of Scrabble tiles than a review. Maybe I just don’t know enough about that the style or writing or Scrabble… I don’t know. But what I do know is that Snapshot is a bit more uptempo than true chill, maybe a bit more cool than cold. Though it’s still having trouble taking the edge off the 82 degree temperature inside my freaking house tonight. (♠) But it does help a little…

(♠) For my non-American friends, that’s 26 degrees Celsius. Ugh.

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