KMFDM – “Salvation” (2015)

I “discovered” KMFDM by accident a couple of years ago via their Virus 12″ and dug their sound. So picking up this RSD 12″ was a no brainer.

Salvation has six tracks. Three of these are from KMFDM’s 2014 LP Our Time Will Come – “Salvation,” “Blood Vs. Money,” and “Brainwashed,” though only “Salvation” is presented as the album version. In fact there are three versions of “Salvation” on this record – the original plus a pair of remixes. Joining that track are two remixes of “Blood vs. Money” and one of “Brainwashed.” If I’m picking favorites, I particularly like “Salvation (Mindless Self Indulgence Remix)” and the modulated vocal stylings on “Brainwashed (KMFDM Remix).”

I’d probably describe KMFDM as “industrial dance” – the EDM beats and flows are unmistakable, but there’s a serious weight behind the music. It’s like Skinny Puppy meets Ministry.

I’ve got to make a point of getting more KMFDM – it’s that damn good. The music is absolutely infectious and makes it impossible to sit still.

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