King Ani Mal – “Turbo” Cassette (2019)

What the hell is in the water (or perhaps it’s the Yuengling) in Philly these days that is producing so much great music? I bought a bunch of tapes from the Suicide Bong label and its been one surprise after another. The most recent is King Ani Mal’s Turbo, which came out right at the close of 2019. If I had to hang one genre tag on Turbo it would be hip hop, but that feels insufficient to describe King Ani Mal’s style and flow. Just listen to the bells (yes, I said bells) on “Drip Too Wet” and try to explain what’s happening here. It’s so easy to allow yourself to get drawn into King Ani Mal’s world and allow it to cover you like a thick warm blanket on a cold night. His compositions are short – none clock in at even four minutes and most are less than three, though all feel fully realized.

Turbo is available on the Suicide Bong Bandcamp page HERE, including on limited edition (of 100) cassette.