The Moberlys – “The Moberlys” (1979)

Before there was grunge, there was The Moberlys.

A few weeks ago, back when retail stores would still let you inside to browse, we headed down south to Tacoma to spend some time at Hi-Voltage Records. While there I picked up a nice handful of late 1970s/early 1980s albums by Seattle-area bands, much of it private press. Included in that batch was a first pressing of The Moberlys self-titled debut (the second pressing has “Jim Basnight And” in small writing at the top), a blend of rock “Blow Your Life Away”), early punk (“Last Night”), doo-wop sadness (“Give Me Peace”), sleaze (“Sexteen”), and 60s beach pop (“Live In The Sun”) … and that’s just side A.

There’s a ton of info about The Moberlys online, so instead of rehashing it here let me just refer you to the bands bill on Allmusic HERE.