“Wild Goose Chase Presents The Faculty” (2000)

This interesting four-song 12″ came to me from my buddies over at Reykjavik’s Lucky Records, and it dates back to the early days of Icelandic hip hop. Subterranean was arguably the country’s first hip hop crew, and some members later formed another collective called Tha Faculty which put out a CD on Smekkleysa in 1999. This record from the following year includes at least some songs by Tha Faculty (written on this release as The Faculty). The credits on the two A side tracks are clearly some of the some folks involved in Tha Faculty, and the intro to the opener “Perfect Strangers” name checks some of the others like Cell7. I’m not as sure about the B side songs, which are credit to Mr. Ha! (“W.G.C. Com”) and World Global Control (“Lyrical Warfare”).

Some thumping beats and MC bring different flows mean that that Wild Goose Chase Presents The Faculty keeps you on your toes. The B side tracks are definitely harder and more aggressive, the MCs spitting hard with in-your-face verses.