Brass Construction – “Brass Construction II” (1976)

When you’re hanging out in Kirkland, WA, the United States’ coronavirus ground zero, and the governor has taken things as close as he can to a full martial law lockdown, and your company has everyone working from home for the foreseeable future, but it’s the first full sunny day in forever, you need some funk. Something to get the juices flowing, the feet moving, your soul stirring in a way that makes you think, “yeah, we’ll get through this nonsense”. So I dipped into the collection I recently got from Derek’s dad and came out with a copy of Brass Construction II. Sure, it’s not the funkiest funk that ever funked, leaning more towards disco than jazz, but it’s pretty fresh while we sit her and contemplate the word pandemic and what has happened to our retirement savings over the past two weeks. Cuz sometimes you just need to get a little funky, my man.

“Sambo (Progression)” is my recommended track. As an added bonus, the start of the B side opener “The Message (Inspiration)” sounds like the base for N.W.A.’s “I Ain’t the 1”. Get some.