S.B.S.M. – “Leave Your Body” (2017) Cassette

I’m a big fan of Greg Harvester’s Remote Outposts Blog. He doesn’t post as often as he used to, but when he does it’s always something interesting and unique. I’ve picked up a few of his zines over the years, including the awesome Out Out Out – The Story of Ice 9 and Count Vertigo. Remote Outposts also functions as a label, most recently putting out the four-song cassette Leave Your Body by Oakland’s S.B.S.M.

S.B.S.M. are often described as hardcore punk, but that seems a horribly lacking description of their sound. Punk in attitude, no doubt, but with strong undercurrents of industrial and noise and power. Their songs are synth-sonic assaults on your mind, ripping away layers of what you thought you knew and getting to something deeper and more primal. “Work” is my favorite track, a relentless and deep bass power drill hitting you right in the hippocampas, boring a hole into your memories and perceptions and replacing them with something new and unsettling.

In addition to this cassette version, Leave Your Body also got the vinyl treatment this year from Thrilling Living and you can check out all four songs on the label’s Bandcamp page HERE.