Hyldýpi – “Hyldýpi” (2018) Cassette

Hyldýpi is Herbert Már Sigmundsson, and it is also the name of his new full-length album. Released as a limited-edition (hand numbered, of 50) cassette, Sigmundsson treats us to two 30+ minute ambient electronic tracks, simply called “I” and “II”. Describing ambient is difficult for me, so if you’ll forgive me I’ll try by telling yo what each track makes me think of.

Have you ever seen one of those time-lapse nature documentaries where they show the entire life cycle of a plant over the course of a spring and summer and fall, where you watch it burst up from the ground, grow, flower, then shrivel to begin the cycle again? “I” is the sound of that, a soundtrack to the cycle of nature, of birth, life, and death. There’s no sadness in the ending, because that’s all part of the cycle, and the death is necessary so that life can sprint forth again. “II” is also natural, but more celestial in what it conjures up in my mind, the song of the planets and stars as they too seem to rise and fall over the course of a moonless night.

Hyldýpi has been fairly prolific over the last few years and there are quite a few tracks (including these two) on his Bandcamp page HERE. Cassette copies come with a handwritten note from Sigmundsson and a piece of palo santo wood, which is commonly burned like incense and/or for smudging rituals (and which I have to admit smells amazing).