Dauðyflin – “Dauðyflin” 7″ (2018)

For a guy who isn’t super into hardcore, I sure seem to end up with a fair amount of hardcore on my shelves. This is due in part, I think, to a general fascination I have with subcultures, and hardcore is one of those areas where music fandom seems to be an integral component of an overall life philosophy. That’s not to say all hardcore fans are the same people, because clearly they’re not. Straight edge folks certainly have a philosophy that differs from others, and it’s no secret that some racist groups have carved out their own areas as well. What’s interesting to me is just how important certain types of music, often extreme music, are to their fans. It doesn’t feel like there are many casual hardcore or extreme metal fans. if you’re in, you’re all in, and in a life-shaping way.

Anyway, late lsat year I wrote about Dauðyflin’s full-length debut, Ofbeldi. It’s a very good record, though one I admittedly haven’t pulled off the shelf in a while (so many albums, so little time…). But this brand new six-song 7″ arrived in my mailbox the other day as part of yet another shipment from Reykjavik’s Lucky Records, and I knew it was going to be the first thing I put on the turntable.

Right out of the gate “Aldauði” hits you with a wall of noise and speed, a revving engine at 8,000 rpm overlaid with growled and sometimes screamed vocals. My favorite track is “Skófla Skófla”, which is heavier and slower than the rest of the record and that probably says more about me and what I like than it does about the song itself. It feels a bit more structured and the repetitive nature of the music is almost trance-inducing. You can listen to the whole thing on Bandcamp HERE, so give ’em a listen and see what you think.