Fufanu – “Dialogue I” (2018)

Fufanu have been fairly prolific over the last few years. Between July 2015 and February 2017 they treated us to an EP and two full-length albums. After the release of the brilliant Sports last year it seemed like every time they popped on my Facebook feed the guys were touring somewhere, and it turns out that while they were touring they were also writing. So it wasn’t a surprise to learn that Fufanu were putting out new material in 2018. But what was surprising is how they planned to do it – putting out three separate EPs over the second half of the year. They refer to it as The Dialogue Series, and the four-song Dialogue I just hit the internet this week. (♠)

DJ/producer Alap Momin worked with Fufanu on these tracks, which definitely have a club vibe to them. “My New Trigger” opens as a house-style groover, languid and rich, then taking a hard right turn and picking up the tempo and adding dreamier vocals. In fact the first couple of times I played this EP I thought the two parts of “My New Trigger” were actually two separate songs as there’s a momentary full stop in the middle of the track that marks the spot where the styles diverge. The structure of “Listen To Me” brings us back into Sports territory, though the vocals come to us in a thick haze that further distances them from some of the poppier musical elements. The first single, “Hourglass”, is a song about frontman Kaktus Einarrsson coming to grips with losing two grandparents in a relatively short period of time, losses he didn’t fully come to terms with when they happened. Dialogue I closes out with “Nine Twelve”, an intriguing instrumental that brings an almost country vibe to the table.

Fufanu is a project that continually evolves, from the early DJ work of Captain Fufanu to standard post-punk to a more electronic direction and now to Dialogue I taking the guys in a more electronic direction. This makes them a lot of fun to follow because you’re never quite sure what they’re going to give you next. I’m looking forward to the next installment in the Dialogue series.

(♠) No word yet on if/when/how these EPs will be released on physical media. For now Dialogue I is only available electronically.