Cucumb45 – “SlysóEP4 – Something Weirdcore” and “SlysóEP5 – Cyclops” (2017)

Cucumb45 is Bjarki Runar Sigurdarson, perhaps best known for his electronic work under his Bjarki moniker. Last year he put out a pair of five-song EPs on his bbbbbb Records label, and fortunately for me they found their way into a box of assorted stuff I got in the mail a while back from Reykjavik’s Lucky Records, because I’m really digging this trippy jams.


The beats are brisk, though a bit more metallic than deep. Often their combined with other sonic elements such as the organ in “[Karate Latte Heep Mix4]” to create seemingly disconnected soundscapes that are successful at being more impressive when combined than just the sum of their individual parts. Sometimes, however, it all comes together in a more familiar way, like on “Music For Advertising”, which has more overall cohesion and is more of a straight-ahead groover. There’s also some flat-out weirdness, with tracks like “Cyclopsipoka” feeling more experimental or avant-garde than something you might hear at a club (or anywhere else for that matter).

You can listen to much of the bbbbbb catalogue on Soundcloud HERE, including both of these EPs in their entireties.