The Third Sound – “The Third Sound” (2010)

The Third Sound was created by former Singapore Sling member Hákon Aðalsteinsson and released its self-titled debut in 2010. While it falls into the same general psych / shoegaze genre signifiers as does Singapore Sling, The Third Sound is more reminiscent of 1960s psych than the it is the dense, buzzing wall-of-sound that later generations of psychers are bringing us today, closer to The Byrds and 13th Floor Elevators than say Sonic Jesus or My Bloody Valentine. Songs like “Gloria” (not a remake of the 1964 Van Morrison classic) would be perfectly at home in a room full of folks wearing tie-dyes and bellbottoms complaining about Lyndon Johnson. That being said parts of it are more modern, with tracks like “Re-Elevation” filling up every microsecond of space with multiple instruments to creating that buzzing sensation that the Slinger’s have nearly perfected.

I’m not sure how The Third Sound escaped my attention all these years – they’ve put out two more full lengths since their debut, most recently 2016s Gospels of Degeneration, though the fact that the band is based in Berlin may have kept them off my Iceland radar.