Ljáin – “Endasálmar” Cassette (2016)

There is so much black metal coming out of Iceland these days that I’m beginning to wonder if the entrance to Hell isn’t actually on the island after all. (♠)

Endasálmar opens with the brief and creepy “Eilíf þjáning”, a sort of Gregorian chant kind of thing that leads into Ljáin’s brand of black metal emphasizing distorted guitar and almost lo-fi-ish vocals that sound more like an instrument than a(n) (in)human voice, so much so that you’d be forgiven for thinking this is a purely instrumental album.

There appear to be three different colored versions of this tape – black, green, and blue, each in an edition of 50. While I don’t see these for sale on the Ljáin Bandcamp page, you can still listen to the album in its entirety THERE, so if you want a taste of the more extreme side of metal go give it a listen.

(♠) The volcano Hekla was believed by many (and by many faiths) to be the gateway to Hell. I can neither confirm nor refute this. I have driven past it before, but didn’t notice anything particularly unusual or Hell-like.