Sonic Jesus – “Reich” b/w “Triumph” 7″ (2016)

Having just listened to Sonic Jesus’ latest release, Grace, it’s now time to check out some of the back catalog, starting with this 7″ that came out last year.

“Reich” is leaps and bounds faster than the material on Grace, a surf-infused runaway psych train, one that is musically great fit for the effects-heavy vocals that almost sound like a guitar. The pace is quick – this is the kind of song that will get you a speeding ticket if you’re listening to it late at night while driving, making your foot feel like a concrete block that gravity is pulling down upon the accelerator. The guitar work is particularly notable, crackling along the top of the rhythm like an electric buzz.

The B side “Triumph” is more of a fuzz-fest, the vocals distorted to the point of incoherence and with a much darker feel than “Reich”. Driven along by the bottom end, it pushes against your psyche like a huge concrete block, an irresistible force, mass incarnate.

Both these tracks appear on Sonic Jesus’ first album, the 16-song monster Neither Virtue Nor Anger. I bought a copy of that record as well, and if “Reich” and “Triumph” are any indication of what it has in store for me, I can’t wait to drop the needle on it. I’ll share an online link to that album when I review it, but for now you can check out this live version of “Reich” to whet your appetite.