Sonic Jesus – “Sonic Jesus” (2012)

I’m continuing to work my way through the Sonic Jesus catalog, and this time around I’m going back as far as I can go, all the way to 2012 and their debut self-titled four song EP Sonic Jesus.

Sonic Jesus provide more vocal variety than does 2017s Grace, and now that I can hear tracks with this kind of range I’ll double down on my comments about Grace that it would have benefitted from mixing things up a bit, because these four songs are great. “Underground” is the best number on the record, sounding like a demented Stooges track, while the surfy “Monkey On My Back” provides an old school psych feel, getting back to the genre’s trippy roots. The EP closes with “It’s Time To Hear” and its Persian influences inducing a trance-like state.

Sonic Jesus is available to stream free HERE, and I think it’s a good starting point to experience their overall feel.