Hermética – “Ácido Argentino” (1991)

This is the second of the two local classic reissues we picked up on our recent trip to Argentina, a 2015 pressing of Hermética’s 1991 thrash beast Ácido Argentino. Hermética were active from 1987 to 1994, and while they performed live almost exclusively in Argentina (with the exception of one show in Uruguay), they were successful enough to open for a number of top international acts like Black Sabbath and Motörhead. Thus far they have resisted the temptation of a reunion, though given their solid place as a foundational band in Argentine metal one would suspect that getting back together, even for one album and a brief tour, would be fairly profitable. As near as I can tell this album, their sophomore effort (♠), is the only one to have received the vinyl reissue treatment.

Ácido Argentino feels like a metal album from an slightly earlier period. It’s much less Metallica / Persistence Of Time / Countdown To Extinction radio-friendly post-thrash and more a blend of NWOBHM and Kill ‘Em All – soaring vocals imposed over machine gun drums and the occasional guitar solo, and a couple of slower numbers thrown in for good measure. Musically there’s plenty to enjoy here, even if you don’t speak Spanish and therefore can’t follow the lyrics.

(♠) There is some debate as to how to classify 1990s six-song Intérpretes – is it an album, or an EP? So depending on how you view Intérpretes, Ácido Argentino is either Hermética’s second or third full album. When their self-titled debut, originally released on vinyl in 1989, came out on CD two years later, the CD version included both the debut and all of Intérpretes, lending some credence to the latter release being more of an EP than a stand-alone album.