Ranking Trevor & Trinity – “Three Piece Chicken & Chips” (1978)

In general, I find I can’t go wrong with random reggae and dub purchases. So this 1978 split release featuring Ranking Trevor and Trinity was a no-brainer for $10 today over at my local haunt, Vortex.

My copy is on blue vinyl and appears identical to the black vinyl original posted on Discogs other than the color of the vinyl and labels. Is it also period from 1978, or some kind of re-release or something unofficial? I don’t know… The quality and wear of the jacket certainly appear dated, and it looks to be a punch-out based on the hole in the upper right, something I wouldn’t expect to see on a bootleg or unofficial version. But I can’t be sure. Not that it matters, because these are some great jams.

Each artist contributes five track to the record and most of them have at least some dub influence, though overall Ranking Trevor’s stuff feels like it’s more heavily dubbed than does Trinity’s. Trinity’s “Judgement Day” borrows heavily from The Temptations’ “Get Ready”, though the samples could come from a different version since so many artists have covered that song over the years. Sly and Robbie contribute bass and drums to some of the tracks, and all in all Three Piece Chicken & Chips is a solid slow burner, one perfect for chilling.