Sinmara / Misþyrming – “Split” 10″ (2017)

This is the last of the vinyl from the recent batch I ordered from Lucky Records, a split 10″ featuring two Icelandic black metal bands, Sinmara and Misþyrming. I’ve heard both bands before via cassettes they released on the Vánagandr label, so I have a sense of what I’m getting into. Each band contributes one track to this limited edition (of 1,000 – some black, some red) gem that came out earlier this year.

Sinmara wastes no time in blasting out your eardrums with “Ivory Stone,” hitting you with the force of a wall of granite, like a moving cliff face, unstoppable and hard. It’s the guitar that provides the nuance, occasionally prickling along the top of the low end and giving a bit of shape to the relentless tide, at times seeming to slow down “Ivory Stone” even while the drums continue at 100 mph.

Misþyrming brings a more varied sound to “Hof,” with breaks and turns that keep it from feeling like being caught under the surface of a lake of oil. Musically this feels more thrash to me, with the growled vocals being what distinguishes “Hof” as more in the realm of black metal. But have no fear, friends, they close it out in pure black metal assault fashion, bringing all instruments to bear and hammering you into submission.

Regarding the physical product itself, kudos to Terratur Possessions for putting out such a quality record. I’m a sucker for the 10″ format, it’s true, but that’s not why I’m so impressed. They gave what is in effect a split single the full gatefold treatment with a nice insert, great art, and the vinyl of my copy is pristine. It might not be cheap in the $20+ price range, but you’re getting quality.