“Lady Boy Records 001” Compilation (2013)

I’ve been kicking myself for not picking up the first ever release by Iceland’s Lady Boy Records when I was visiting Reykjavik in April, 2013. I even had a copy of it in my hot little hands, with it’s etched case, super limited edition print run (50 copies), and a Ghostigital track on it. But I didn’t buy it. In large part this was because I didn’t have a cassette player, so I guess in a way that was wise. But later that year when we were back in Iceland for Airwaves I gave in to the temptation that is Icelandic black metal cassettes, and promptly bought a tape player when we returned.

At that point I hit up the guys at Lady Boy and scored all their current cassette releases… except Lady Boy 001 which was, of course, long since sold out by then (50 copies will go quick). I’ve kept my eyes open for it since, but with no luck. Until a few weeks ago when I got an email from Frímann over at the label letting me know that if I was still interested, someone on Discogs had a copy for sale. A week later it was waiting for me in my mailbox. Pretty cool move by Frímann, remembering that I wanted it and letting me know about someone who was selling a copy. It’s not like he was making any money on that transaction, he was just giving me the 4-1-1.

I was primarily interested in Lady Boy 001 due to the Ghostigital track, “Sit Hér,” but quickly realized there’s a lot of great stuff on here – it’s not a one-trick pony. Immediately following Ghositigital is a track by Krummi (“Vélblóð”), the multi-talented artist best known for his work with Esja and Legend who has also recently been doing a lot of experimentation into electro-noise. Noise merchants Döpur are also here, as well as electro guru Futuregrapher.

While I expect good things from those folks, almost every track on this tape is a hidden gem. LVX’s electro-soul is intriguing and almost begging for a hip hop artists to rhyme over it, and the chip-tuniness of Úlfur’s “Zeigel” is like a dose of video game fun. There’s even a pretty random punk rock tune by Dead//Beat that is way outside of everything else on the tape. The biggest gem, however, is Bix’s “No Mercy (Dirty Bixin Mixness),” a truly brilliant piece of electronica with some killer beats.

While tracking down your own physical copy of the tape could be tough, fear not, dear reader. Because you can listen to the entire thing HERE for free, and even purchase for digital download. While you’re there, check out some of Lady Boy’s other titles too, especially Slugs (which took down the #5 spot on my personal Top 5 releases of 2013) and Pink Street Boys. I haven’t checked out the label’s most recent three releases, but may have to do so while I’m thinking about it so I don’t miss out on the chance to add more tapes to my growing collection.