Melodica Deathship – “Doom Your Cities, Doom Your Towns” (2010)

I came across Doom Your Cities, Doom Your Towns looking through the section of local music in Dublin, Ireland’s Spindizzy Records, a great little shop in the Market Arcade. I didn’t have a ton of time to browse, but the shop is fairly compact so that wasn’t too much of a problem. Definitely a spot worth checking out, though, should you find yourself in Dublin, as it’s well stocked and the owner seemed like a pretty cool dude.

Doom Your Cities, Doom Your Towns was not what I expected. Mind you, I’m not entirely sure what I did expect. But I did not expect a blend of hip hop, electronica, and dub that, you know, had a nautical theme. This double album is a flat out trip, right down to including a song with lyrics from a poem by IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands, who died at the age of 27 following a 66-day hunger strike. Kind of heavy.


Despite the opinion of many of the folks I spoke to in Ireland, the Irish musical scene has some cool bands, and Melodica Deathship is right there near the top. Don’t believe me? Listen to Doom Your Cities, Doom Your Towns for free HERE and make up your own damn mind! You can thank me later.