“Techno UK 1” Compilation (1990)

I have a thing for techno/electronica comps. To me electronica and reggae and dub are all genres that always sound at least decent. Sure, not everything is amazing. But I’m rarely disappointed with what I hear. Which is not true of punk, metal, rock, and most other types of music that are much more hit-and-miss to me.

We found Techno UK 1 while killing time in Long Beach a few weeks ago before our flight home to Seattle. We’d met some friends for lunch and decided to swing by Fingerprints to flip through the vinyl and CDs (and pick up some insanely delicious iced mochas at the place next door). This 1990 comp hit me right between the eyes and it only took about five seconds to add it to the stack.

Only a couple of the bands on this six-song comp actually put out LPs, though I already have my eyes on copies of the two EPs listed on Discogs by Elektron, because their song “Year 2001” is right up my electronica alley.

This record made me dance in the living room. That really happened. It wasn’t pretty, but it happened.