Spent Flesh – “Spent Flesh” 10″ (2012)

I’m kind of digging the stuff that Philly’s FDH Records is putting out, both on their main label and the Suicide Bong imprint. Tapes and vinyl ranging from retro-electro to metal to hardcore to just plain old rock ‘n’ roll, they’re not stuck in a rut of “we only put out [fill in the blank].” Plus I’m all about the indie label.

I ordered four records from the label a few months back (including the recently reviewed Teledrome) after being blown away by some of the bands on the Philly’s Dopest Shit Vol. 1 comp and listening to some of the cassettes the guys over at Sit & Spin Records sent me along with it. One of those tapes was by a hardcore band called Spent Flesh, and it turns out that one of the members of that trio (Eric) is part of FDH. So when he shipped out my order he was nice enough to include a copy of their 2012 10″ Spent Flesh.

I described Spent Flesh’s 2014 cassette Slave Hymns with, “Spent Flesh isn’t here to screw around – they’re in, they hit it, and they’re out.” And that’s certainly true on the 13 song Spent Flesh record as well – only one song clocks in at over 1:40, what for them must feel like a marathon “Icebox & Trash Compactor” coming in at a, for Spent Flesh, Stairway to Heaven-esque 3:23. It’s fast, it’s in your face, it’s hardcore. To my ears “Detergent” is the winner on this record – it’s a bit heavier, the music carrying a bit more “weight” than the rest of the record with its pure velocity.

You can check out Spent Flesh online for free HERE, as well as some of the band’s other albums including their 2015 release Deviant Burial Customs.