H3ÖH – “The Hafler Trio Bootleg” (1993)

I have to admit I haven’t been able to track down much info or get a lot of clarity on this release. I bought it because it seems to have a connection to Einar Örn, the Icelandic musician know for his work as a member of Purrkur Pillnikk, KUKL, Sugarcubes, and Ghostigital. As near as I can tell, it’s some remixes of material that Einar Örn and Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson recorded under the name Frostbite on an album called Second Coming, with Hafler Trio’s Andrew McKenzie joining the duo for the mixing.

Here’s what I found on the label’s (Ash International) website:

Unnamed stars contribute to this Hafler Trio mix, recorded in Reykjavik,
Iceland. Side b contains a rare example of Andrew McKenzie of

The Hafler Trio (H3O) on vocals.

There isn’t much here to go on. I’ve never heard Second Coming, so I can’t speak to how these mixes compare to the originals… but of course now I feel like I need to track down a copy. <sigh> Such is the life of the music junkie. Six degrees of separation.

This was released in 1993 and consists of two songs: “M.N.O. Gol’fish” (19:03) and “Mind Loss” (9:04). Based on just the titles alone these look to correspond to the Frostbite songs “Goldfish” and “Lose My Mind,” but I can’t confirm that until I can track down that copy of Second Coming (Update -> found this on eBay and ordered it; I know you were worried). The music is very much experimental electronica. “M.N.O. Gol’fish” is a wide ranging affair, opening with some persistent drone sounds before evolving into something more traditionally electronic, but without the heavy bass beats. When the percussion is outside the normal electronic beats, the sound is very aboriginal. “Mind Loss” opens with more of a gothic industrial kind of feel before going more straight electronic. The percussion still has a certain native something to it, but also includes some metallic sounds. This is a bit faster paced than side A and the beats seem a bit more up in the mix.

I have the white label version, with the plain white jacket that features only a small sticker. The image here appears to have been for the CD release – so if you find it in a plain package, rest assured you’re getting the real deal. Some good electronica and well worth seeking out.