Morticia’s Lovers – “Take A Ride With Us!” (1998)

Morticia’s Lovers are Italian lo-fi rockabilly surf punk.

I know. It takes a minute for all that to sink in.

I almost feel like that’s everything you need to know. But in case you need more, here are some song titles for your consideration: “I Call My Baby D.D.T.,” “Don’t Worry I’m Drunk (So Let Me Drive),” “1 Potato, 2 Potato,” and “Fuck It Up.”

I keep expecting a chorus of “bird bird bird, bird is the word” to break out at any minute during at least half these songs.

Take A Ride With Us! was the band’s first album, released in 1998, which means Morticia’s Lovers might be so retro, so far into the garage punk past, that they actually ripped a hole in the space-time continuum and turned out to be way ahead of their time. The vocals are in English, but given the “I’m so lo-fi I’m going to shove the entire mic into my mouth” style of singing it’s not all that easy to follow along. But there’s something here. The songs are short and raw. They sound like they’re being sung by a drunk (or at the very least hung over) band in someone’s garage. And they’re awesome. Probably the best song is “The Maniac,” which starts with a slow burn of an instrumental before exploding into full blown maniac mode of speed and screaming and flipping out. It’s also the longest, running just over three minutes.

Morticia’s Lovers are a bit of a car wreck waiting to happen, but they mostly keep it between the ditches on Take A Ride With Us!