Iceland Airwaves 2013 – Day 0

I have been awake continuously for over 31 hours.

I’m pretty sure at one point I fell into REM sleep while trying to have a conversation with someone.

Traveling east is hard, especially when you have a long flight that leaves locally late in the afternoon and arrives in the early morning hours. If, like me, you can’t sleep on the plane, you’re in for a world of hurt as you have to try to gut it out. While the cold temperatures and somewhat breezy conditions help, the second you walk inside into someplace heated you find yoursef losing the will to stay awake (and misspelling words in your blog).

That being said, Life in the Vinyl Lane had a great time in Reykjavik today. We had great burgers and pizza and caught up with our friends at Lucky Records to see two shows: Cell 7 (female hip hop) and Amada Dama (reggae – left), both of which were quite good. I also found time to get some new ink, adding a turntable tattoo to my current body art wardrobe courtesy of Siggi Palli. Tomorrow the festival kicks off in full force and I plan on hitting the stores to do the bulk of my vinyl shopping. I’m sure there will be more to follow.

But for now, I need to shut this puppy down and try to get back on a relatively normal sleep cycle. Or barring that get my “second wind” for about the seventh time today… though to be honest, each time is shorter than the previous one, so I can see the endgame rapidly approaching… I just need to beat it to the punch.