“Fac. Dance 02, 12″ Mixes & Rarities 1980-1987” Compilation (2012)

The more I learn about the types of bands Factory Records worked with in the 1980s, the more I get into the label’s sound. I passed on the two volumes of their 1980s dance tracks compiled by Strut Records when I first saw them at Jive Time and had been kicking myself ever since, so when I found vol. 2 at Everyday Music I made sure to pick it up.

I’d only heard of two of the bands on this double album prior to buying it (Section 25 and A Certain Ratio), so I went into it without much in the way of expectations other than what the general genre probably held in store. What I found was an interesting mix, and one that seems to have been thoughtfully compiled with songs that had at least some stylistic similarities grouped together on their own album sides. Side A seemed like it contained the most new wavish dance grouping (52nd Street, A Certain Ratio, and Minny Pops), while side C was more of that darkish dance sound (Section 25, Biting Tongues, and Sir Horatio) that made my wife ask if we were listening to Depeche Mode. My dog also weighed in, showing a dislike for one of the tracks that had a sort of African sound to it (side B, I believe) and included some animal noises that made him run to the window to see if his front yard was being invaded by the wild beasts of the Serengeti.

This is a pretty cool mix of 1980s dance tracks, and I’m going to make it a point of picking up the first volume the next time I see it.