DJ Shadow – “Preemptive Strike” (1997)

I pretty much have no experience with House/Trip Hop music, but I ran across DJ Shadow while randomly perusing Wikipedia. I was intrigued by the idea of his album Endtroducing…, which allegedly is the first album ever comprised entirely of samples. That sounded interesting, so I ordered a used copy of the CD on Friday.

Then over the weekend we did some record shopping, which included a stop at one of my favorite stores, Hi-Voltage in Tacoma. In the “New Arrivals” bin Holly spied this double LP (released in 1998, the next LP after the aforementioned Endtroducing…), and we figured it was worth a shot (we also picked up a bunch of The Gun Club LPs and EPs, and a GG Allin record <- sneak preview of future posts!).

Now this isn’t normally my style of music, but I don’t hate it or anything. And this is an enjoyable album. Our copy was in some moderately rough shape, but the pops and hissing sort of added to the overall jazzy feel, especially the second of the two discs that comprised of “What Does Your Soul Look Like (Parts 1-4)”, which I really liked. Some nice modern cocktail music. Some would consider that an insult perhaps, but not me. Probably because I really like cocktails.

Another plus is that listening to this motivated Holly to go online and order tickets to see Ghostland Observatory in October, and that’s a win. That will be our local pre-func before boarding a plane for the Iceland Airwaves festival in Reykjavik that begins on October 31.