Dusky – “Yoohoo / Akebono” 12″ (2014) (Blogs By Text #1)

Last year my buddy Andy attended his first Iceland Airwaves and had his mind officially blown. Soon after returning home he bought a turntable… something for which at least some of the blame may lay on me. But it’s great having a friend who’s into vinyl, even if he lives a time zone away, because not only do we text about what we’re listening to, but sometimes we send each other random records in the mail, and there’s nothing like the excitement of getting an unexpected record delivery. The first record I think Andy ever sent me was Dusky’s 12″ Yoohoo / Akebono, and it sparked an idea in my addled brain – I wanted to do a blog post that was simply a text message exchange between me and Andy while we were listening to the same record. It took months and months to finally make this happen, but last night we did it. We had a good time with it, so this could become something I do from time to time with various friends.

So without further ado… my portion of the conversation is in green. I had some trouble with the sizing of the screen captures that had images imbedded into them… not sure why this is, but they were smaller in size than the text only ones. I tried to stretch them out a bit to make them easier to read, but I suspect I’ll have to do some research into how to fix this problem if I do this again.