Muslimgauze – “From The Edge: Remixes Vol. 1” (2003)

I wrote previously about Muslimgauze and the challenge in separating the person from the art (this was in my post about his project under the name E.g Oblique Graph), something I’ve continued to grapple with. But I do like his music, and this 12″ sucked me in with it’s inclusion of a Chris and Cosey remix, so here I am, mildly conflicted yet enjoying my listening experience.

The good news is that Chris and Cosey don’t disappoint with their minimal, dreamy, otherworldly take on “From the Edge”, one that is so different from the other side A remix by The Silver Wizard that you could be forgiven for assuming the tracks have absolutely no elements in common. A shoutout as well for the version done by Spacetime Continuum, which is also excellent.