The Leather Nun – “Force of Habit” (1987)

Hailing from Sweden (Hail, Sweden!), The Leather Nun were a controversial outfit in their time, though when you listen to them today they seem pretty straight-forward. Which makes sense when you consider these songs are all over 30 years old, as far away from me today as Elvis and Chuck Berry were when I was a teenager in the 1980s. <Sigh>. I’m clearly getting old.

Based on the handful of things I read about The Leather Nun I expected their sound to be “harder”. But really this isn’t too far from The Cure or even U2 (I’m thinking here specifically of “Pink Houses”). In fact Holly said that “506” had a “Neil Diamond vibe to it”. That’s not to say I don’t like it, because in fact I do, and quite a bit, it’s just that “For the Love of Your Eyes” is anything but hard. I went to YouTube and listen to some clips from the band’s 1984 debut EP Slow Death, and that was much more of what I expected. It gets a bit edgier on the B side, but Force of Habit doesn’t have the intensity of Slow Death.