Kool Moe Dee – “How Ya Like Me Now” (1987)

How ya like me now?

A lot, Kool Moe… I like ya a lot…

How can you not love the dying throes of the innocent braggadocio that defined hip hop before it was unceremoniously obliterated by gangsta rap? With songs based on James Brown (“How Ya Like Me Now”) and The Escape Club (“Wild Wild West”) and Paul Simon (“50 Ways”) (yes, I said PAUL SIMON!) the jams are simple, fun, and catchy. However, it’s “Way Way Back” that is the true gem on How Ya Like Me Now, the most OG-disco-era-sounding track of the bunch.

If you can’t have fun listening to How Ya Like Me Now, you may need to check yourself, because you might be dead, or at the very least have no soul.