Tuð – “Þegiðu!” (2015)

This is the last of the records we brought back from Iceland Airwaves this year. It kind of got buried behind some other stuff in the “To Listen To” pile and I lost track of it until now.

I don’t know much (let’s be honest, anything) about Tuð. They were doing a crowdfunding campaign for Þegiðu!, and it looks like they succeed. My buddy Gestur over at Lucky Records put this aside for me as something that I might like, and as is true with about 95% of his recommendations, he was on point. Þegiðu! is some in-your-face punk rock.

The lyrics are in Icelandic, but I know from a Reddit post that at least one of the tracks is a protest song about government taxation. Musically there’s an old-school vibe, overlaid with vocals that are bit more aggro – not quite hardcore, but more growled than spat. I’m particularly fond of the A side closer “Atvinnufrjáls”. Tuð translates to “nagging” or “rambling”, while the album’s title means, quite simply, “shut up”. So it definitely has that punk attitude.

You can listen to the album on Bandcamp HERE, as well as buy a digital copy. Unfortunately there’s no info there about the vinyl, so I can’t give you any tips as to how to get a copy. Maybe email the band directly. My guess is the pressing was very, very small, so I wish you luck!

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