Kontinuum – “No Need to Reason” (2018)

I’m not sure how many times we’ve seen Kontinuum perform live. Four? Five? We saw them at Airwaves a month or so ago and they sounded great, as always. It’s weird though – I can’t remember ever going out with the specific intent of seeing Kontinuum… it’s more that they happened to be playing on the same card as other bands we wanted to see. Inevitably we’d see them on the bill as well and say, “oh, and Kontinuum is playing there too, nice”. And they’re certainly more than good enough to keep us around to wait for them as well.

The quintet put out three albums, most recently No Need to Reason in 2018, an effort that was also their first on vinyl. I picked it up during Airwaves because hey, Kontinuum are solid. And that enjoyment I have for them live carries over onto the recording, albeit it in a somewhat different way. The tracks on No Need to Reason are more polished than the band’s live sound, lacking a bit of their on-stage punch and taking on a smoother patina (“Warm Blood” probably comes closest to reflecting Kontinuum in concert). But lest you think that’s a criticism, it’s not. The sound is just a bit different, that’s all. The three guitar attack is still here, though, creating a dense curtain of sound serving as the backdrop for what is often melancholy vocals, perhaps nowhere coming together as well as on the title track.

You can check out No Need to Reason on Bandcamp HERE. On vinyl it’s available in three different colors – black (edition of 350), blue (300), and violet (100). If my math’s right, that means the vinyl is limited to only 750 copies across all colors, so it’s fairly limited.