Konsulat – “Kolaport” (2018)

This little 10″ gem is a collaboration of Arnljótur Sigurðsson, best known for his work with the Icelandic reggae band Ojba Rasta (but just as importantly in my mind for playing bass on the best songs on Berndsen’s Lover In the Dark), and Þórður Grímsson of A & E Sounds fame. It’s a super limited release of only 25 copies, each of which are hand-numbered just inside the jacket.

Kolaport is definitely not what I was expecting from this pair. It’s beat-driven electronica, though I’m at a loss to provide a subgenera. I’d say it’s mid-tempo – hardly ambient, but not a dancefloor banger either. They synths on “Dagga Dagga” are a touch retro while the beats have an 808-like punch, remaining cohesive while never falling into any kind of rut. Meanwhile “Lífsblómið” introduces vocal samples overlaid onto a more more sterile and colder beat. I confess I’m a sucker for these kinds of samples, though, and I dig what Konsulat are doing on this track.

You can give Kolaport a listen on Bandcamp HERE. Note the full digital album is eight tracks, while this 10″ is comprised of only two. Given the limited quantity of the vinyl pressing, it’ll likely be a tough one to track down in a physical format.