Mr. Silla – “Hands On Hands” (2019)

Hands On Hands is the second solo album by Sigurlaug Gísladóttir under the moniker Mr. Silla. Gísladóttir has collaborated with a range of artists over the years, though she’s best known for her vocal duties with múm. Hands On Hands finds her exploring soundscapes of electro-dream-pop, the compositions restrained and understated despite the lush way the music fills space. The first half of title track is a masterpiece of simplicity before a mid-song interlude that introduces layer upon vocal layer and changing its entire complexion. “Gloria” is the must up-tempo piece on Hands On Hands, a virtual pop explosion when compared to its predecessors, creating a feeling being outside in the sun with the grass between your toes.

Hands On Hands is available for listening and purchase on the Mr. Silla Bandcamp page HERE.