Raven – “All For One” (1983)

I got a nice box of records in the mail the other day all the way from Iceland, and earlier today I did some record shopping with my buddy Travis for his birthday. Which means I have a whole bunch of vinyl that I’m excited to spin! But… But. What about poor forlorn All For One, which has been sitting patiently in the To Listen To bin for a few weeks awaiting it’s turn on the table? It’s the last of the previous batch of purchases. Shouldn’t Raven get to move right to the front of the line?

The fact of the matter is the vinyl you bought most recently is usually the vinyl you’re most excited about playing. But Raven have a point, even drummer Bob “Wacko” Hunter who is shown on the reverse wearing a leather motorcycle vest and some kind of either hockey or lacrosse helmet with a full face cage, which was bizarre even for 1983 metal. So onto the Rega All For One goes.

This is some solid early 80s metal, closer to the harder and faster bands that were bubbling under as opposed to the glam stuff that was moving to the top of the charts. It has the obligatory songs about rocking (“Mind Over Metal” and “Sledgehammer Rock”) and some proto-thrash (“Hung Drawn & Quartered”). The best song on All For One may be “Seek & Destroy”, but unfortunately for Raven another song of the same name was released the same year by a band called Metallica, so their version probably doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

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