OHMelectronic – “OHMelectronic” (2019)

Our faith will burn them alive.
— “Uppercut”

OHMelectronic the group, aka Öhm, is Chris Peterson (Front Line Assembly) and Craig Huxtable (Landscape Body Machine). OHMelectronic the album is their sophomore effort, and it’s something to behold, nine IDM tracks with some in-your-face vocals railing against the abuses of religion and societal power. It’s the soundtrack to dark times, observation and protest in equal measure. It’s a bit reminiscent in that respect of Depeche Mode’s Spirit, though whereas that album felt more like an expression of disappointment that the world turned out the way it did, OHMelectronic are more aggressive and accusatory. OHMelectronic aren’t here to wring their hands and and say woe is me. They’re here to call bullshit.

OHMelectronic is available by download and on CD HERE. This has been on fairly constant rotation in Life in the Vinyl Lane World Headquarters over the last few weeks, earning way more spins than does a typical new release. Will OHMelectronic be part of our year-end discussion? I’m not sure, but two months into 2019 and I’ve probably listened to this more times than any other album – it’s that good.

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