Blacklight Braille – “Electric Canticles of the Blacklight Braille” (1981)

So this is… um… wait, let me start over.

Electric Canticles of the Blacklight Braille is a lot like… well, kinda… OK, maybe not so much that but…

Look, this thing is weird, OK?

Blacklight Braille are a collective from Cincinnati, one that often records with somewhere around ten members. Electric Canticles of the Blacklight Braille was their first album, one recorded not in a studio, but at the Sargent Tool and Manufacturing Company. In addition to the typical suite of instruments and electronics, other instrumentation listed includes metal drill, metal saw, grinder, and claw hammer. On the jacket reverse the band refer to themselves initially as “fringe rock”, but then go on to suggest that perhaps just “fringe” is more accurate.

On this last point I agree.

There are portions of this record that I flat-out dislike. There are others that I find completely and absorbingly captivating (generally those without vocals). It’s an insane collection and amalgamation of sounds and voices. At times rock, at times avant garde, at times electro-industrial in the truest sense of the genre by combining electronics and actual industrial tools.

Bottom line is this is some strange stuff, and you’d be best served by experiencing it for yourself. I think the below is one full side. Enjoy, and good luck. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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