Asmus Odsat – “Ecstatic Half Truth EP” (2018)

The pace is set right up front, with the snappy electro-kick drums that open “Deal With It”, and it doesn’t let up for another 22+ minutes. “Deal With It” feels like the soundtrack to some type of horror-theme video game. Not something super gross, and nothing including zombies. More like something about the creatures of the night, that blend of beauty and malice, the shadows and the sheer gothicness of it all. But Odsat doesn’t do this in a smooth, ambient way. Oh, no. There are edges to the music, angles and pixelated shapes. It’s not chiptune, but something more advanced that doesn’t quite reach the modern day. It’s not an original Nintendo… more a Super Nintendo or even a N64. But, you know, with vampires.

“Insecurity Camera” brings edges to the record, not the blocky, structured type form “Deal With It” but instead something razor sharp and cutting. There’s a metallic tinge to high end reminiscent of that taste you get in your mouth when you’ve been injected with radioactive dye for a medical procedure (♠), like a mouthful of nickels. The drops come at unexpected times to keep you on your toes, the entire song leaving you on edge and toying with your amygdala.

Due out in mid-September, Ecstatic Half Truth EP is getting the limited edition (of 100) 12″ vinyl treatment from the Reykjavik-based label FALK. The first track, “Deal With It”, is available for streaming on FALK’s Bandcamp page HERE, so check it out.

(♠) I assume the taste is the same if you’ve been injected for other reasons, but I don’t know that for sure.

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