Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson & BJNilsen – “Abstract Art Automat”

I completely lack the ability to write about this type of experimental ambient music.

Abstract Art Automat, a collaboration between Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson of Stilluppsteypa fame and Sweden’s BJNilsen, came out late last year as a limited edition (of 50) cassette. The compositions remind me a bit of the kind of thing you hear inside one of those enclosed habitats at either a zoo or an aquarium, the kind where you’re surrounded on all sides and looking through glass at the animals and/or fish and they’re pumping in surreal sounds that are short of a cross between ambient electronica and animal noises. Abstract Art Automat simply does away with the animal noises, though there are certainly environmental sounds like the sloshing of water that would be right at home in one of these enclosures.

There’s definitely an appeal to this kind of non-beat-driven music; I find that it can unlock my brain and get me out of purely linear thinking. It might be a bit tricky to track down (though copies have sold on Discogs in the past), but if this kind of electronica is what you enjoy it’ll be worth the effort to track down a copy.

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