Roht – “Roht” 7″

You can never get enough Roht. In part that’s because most of their songs are less than two minutes long, but that’s probably about all you can handle of their sheer sonic assault on your cerebral cortex, a Tesla coil of crackling industrial punk sure to fry at least a few of your synapses with every listening.

Originally released digitally in 2016, Roht got a limited (edition of 500) 7″ vinyl treatment earlier this year in case you needed something to melt your stylus with. With six songs lasting less than 10 minutes, it’s a fistfight-in-a-phonebooth experience as the band punishes you with body blows and knees to the groin.

Note that the sleeve shown is actually packaged inside a sealed black construction paper envelope – so if you’re looking for it, that’s probably how you’ll see it being sold. You can check out the tunes HERE, but don’t say I didn’t warn you and make sure to protect yourself at all times!

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