ThizOne – “Disconnected” Cassette

When Iceland’s FALK label (♠) announces a new release my attention is always piqued. (♣) And this year has been pretty busy for that outfit as it injects small doses of musical subversion into the world. 2017 opened with the revolutionary Lord Pusswhip Is Dead, an album that did for my ears what those sunglasses did for Roddy Piper’s eyes in the movie They Live!. And I can tell you that having heard a sneak preview of their newest tape, /ϟ/HUREN/ϟ/’s $PECiALTY ACT$, it may generate the sounds that finally turn the computers against us once and for all, recognizing the threat humans are to this world and deciding to launch the nukes to nip this whole “civilization” thing in the bud. But in between the two was ThizOne (aka Sigtryggur Egilsson) and Disconnected.

And Disconnected might be my favorite album so far of 2017.

If Lord Pusswhip was the roadmap to the coming sonic coup d’etat, and /ϟ/HUREN/ϟ/ the finger on the trigger, then ThizOne is the soundtrack to then whole thing, roughly 70 minutes of electronica that takes moody and dark moods and kicks them up to speed with some brisk BPMs. No words or vocal samples to get in the way (♦), just ones-and-zeros flowing out of your speakers and into your ears, echoing around in your head with richness and density, occasionally broken by some plinky 1980s sounding keyboards (check out “Dögun feat. (t)”). These songs would be the perfect accompaniment to a sci-fi or dystopian movie, but perhaps even more intriguingly I find myself wondering how amazing they’d sound as part of something dark and stylish, maybe a Michael Mann or William Friedkin film. (♥) I want someone to remake To Live and Die in L.A., but shoot it only at night and use this as the score. Disconnected is the kind of music that can, on it’s own, change your entire perception of what you see it paired with.

Given how much I like this album, I feel like I should be writing more about it… but frankly I want to close the laptop and just listen to it, so this is all you’re going to get. You can preview Disconnected at FALK’s Bandcamp page HERE, as well as purchase a download or the limited edition (of 60 copies) cassette. I’d encourage you to check out some of FALK’s other releases too – it’ll be a good change to expand your mind before the machines finally put an end to us once and for all.

(♠) FALK = Fuck Art Let’s Kill. Simple, to the point, and accurate.

(♣) Pique is a weird word. Use it as a verb and it means to make someone angry or annoy them. However, when something piques your interest it means to arouse or excite it. And it’s a good word for FALK releases, which often exist along the barren hinterlands of the musical landscape, places surrounded by barbed wire fences and maybe some roving patrols that include hungry German Shepherds that will forcibly take you back to Taylor Swift and Katy Perry songs if you get caught. FALK will always get your blood pressure up and intrigue you, but sometimes leave your brain a smoldering ruin of confusion. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

(♦) OK, OK… so “Acid Freak” does have some vocal samples. So sue me.

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