Nurse With Wound – “The Musty Odour Of Pierced Rectums (A Collection Of Obsolete Primitive Variations)” (2008)

There are three bands that I’m completely fascinated with, even though I’m not even sure that I like their music:

I’m at a loss to explain this phenomenon. Why would I be this deeply intrigued by a band I’m not even sure I like? And hell, why these bands and not others that also meet that criteria like Psychic TV or Zoviet France or The Osmonds? I don’t know. Probably because they’re weird, not just musically but individually, and I find weirdness unendingly fascinating, which is probably also why I got my degree in Psychology. And why I like to hang out in Walmarts.

This is my second foray into Nurse With Wound, the other coming with 1992s Thunder Perfect Mind. This is a bit of a departure from that other album, a collection of sounds, like a horror movie or something out of Planet of the Apes if all of the apes were totally crazy and hopped up on mescaline. It’s more outtakes than songs, but there’s an overall darkness to the whole thing, super trippy and not the kind of thing I’d want to listen to alone in the dark late at night unless I was consciously and actively trying not to sleep and/or wanting to give myself nightmares.

I’m not sure if Nurse With Wound is that itch I just can’t scratch, or the one I pick at so much that eventually I find myself bleeding and with an infected sore. Could be a combination of the two. But I’ll probably find myself continuing to buy albums when the price and my mood seem properly aligned… and then wondering why I did.

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